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Our Products

The products we market are available in formulas applicable to different types of projects: they are soluble in water or oil and thermally stable.

The products can have Kosher, Halal, IFRA, ECOCERT, etc. certification, depending on product and usage.

Vanilla Flavour

Coffee Flavour

Cocoa Flavour and Chocolate

Caramel Flavour

Nuts Flavour

Biscuit Flavour

Pastry Flavour

Confectionary Flavour

Alcohol Notes Flavour

Flower Flavours

Fruit Flavours

Cheese Flavour

Cheese & Onion Flavour

Cheddar Cheese Flavour

Basil Flavour

Chicken Flavour

Beef Flavour

BBQ Flavour

Beta Carotene

Chili Flavour

Mushrooms Flavour



Black Carrot


Spices Flavour


Sunflower Seed Flavour

Yogurt Flavour

Ketchup Flavour

Dill Flavour

Olive Flavour

Oregano Flavour

Paprika Flavour

Pepper Flavour

Pizza Flavour

Salsa Flavour

Salt & Vinegar Flavour

Sour Cream & Onion Flavour

Celery Flavour

Butter Flavour

Garlic Flavour

Garden Plants Flavour

Functional Cosmetic Ingredients

Perfume Compositions

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